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Time Box Project for Adam Hart a New Video by Barbara Borck-Hart

September 6, 2015

Time Box, a designated area for a specific action to occur, is presented here. Adam Hart has graduated High School and I have created his world composed of  his Time Boxes as I see them.

We see Adam and his siblings along with his parents enjoying their time together. In the center of the painting only their heads are visual as they pop out of the leaves. Above this box Adam pitches his favorite sport, baseball. Next he and his family are flying through the air on a giant ride. The images are increasing in size and moving beyond the boundaries of the boxes trying to contain them. The whole  family is resting together on 2 whole boxes at the bottom of the painting. We view their pet cat and pass through the water in CT to complete the circle.

Enjoy Adam’s circle of  his life as a new circle  has already begun

Nancy and Pam Dancing with Scarves 2 by Barbara Borck-Hart

March 4, 2015

Solo Aerialist Under the Blue Tent a New Video by Barbara Borck-Hart

January 27, 2015

The Solo Aerialist flying through the darkened space is illuminated by the moving spotlight. It shadows her every move as she floats through the darkened space towards the light on the ground. Hold your breath and watch her journey towards the earth.

The Aerialist and Hoop 1 a New Video by Barbara Borck-Hart

September 7, 2014

The Peacock in London Series 1 by Barbara Borck-Hart

July 20, 2012


I am stalked by a peacock!  I fed him and now he thinks I’m his forever.  He’s flown up on to a stone wall, and he’s getting himself beautiful for me.

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