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Time Box #3 Scarf Dance by Barbara Borck-Hart Newest Video

October 28, 2015

Time Box # 3 Scarf Dance is one of 6 time boxes.  All 6 boxes represent a dance sequence. Each box displays a progression of motion through these boxes. The third box records a solo dancer filling the whole space with just her energy.  Her scarf expands and unfurls to fill the space.  She expands with this new found joy. Enjoy the vision

Nancy’s NIA Dance with Scarves a New Video by Barbara Borck-Hart

November 7, 2014

The scarves float in the air and drift towards the floor pulled along by the arms of the dancers as they move through space.
Enjoy the show and follow the floating shapes that pull you around the wood panel. Feel the energy, the drama and the tension between the two dancers as they move through the space.
Enjoy the view

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